Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Energy Question Time

Just received notice of this event from Oxfam SW. Thought some of you might want to attend.

STOP CLIMATE CHAOS Energy Question Time
Thursday 23rd October, 6.30pm arrival for 7.30pm start. (Finishes at 9pm)
Conference Hall, Bristol City Council House, College Green, Bristol. BS1 5TW

Your Question Time Panel! Bryony Holden (CEO of the SW Regional Assembly) will host the event, with a panel of experts including Steve Webb (Liberal Democrat MP - North Avon), Robert Key (Conservative MP - Salisbury), Anne Snelgrove (Labour MP - Swindon), Tim Jones WDM and Graham Wynne (RSPB CEO).

Scientists state that to avert dangerous climate change we must limit temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. Rich countries need to cut their carbon emissions by 80% and we need massive investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Southwest's environment & economy is under threat but it is poorest countries who will be the most affected despite being the least responsible. Now is a critical moment and energy is the key question. Crucial decisions, such as the Kingsnorth coal fired power station, the Severn barrage and nuclear power loom in the run up to International Climate talks in Poznan this December. We are asking the UK Government to tackle the greatest source of climate pollution in our economy: our power sector. If the UK could do one big thing to slash its carbon emissions, it would be to transform the power generation sector from one that is wasteful and heavily dependent on traditional fossil fuels to one that is highly efficient and relies on the UK's abundant renewable resources of wind, sun and surf. If rich countries do not act - how can we expect poorer ones to do so ?

The STOP CLIMATE CHAOS coalition (Oxfam, RSPB & WDM are members) is staging energy question times around the UK . We have panels of politicians and experts to debate the issues but mostly we need you to come along with the challenging questions about climate change, energy and the future for people and wildlife. We can have a future that's fairer, cleaner and greener, where people and nature can thrive in a safe climate and we get our energy from truly sustainable sources.

To register for your FREE place contact: Steven Roddy on 01767 680 551 or email

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