Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Banking crisis (2)

Martin Kettle says pretty much the same thing as me about the Conservatives, and says it very well. I'm sure Terry would approve.

And just to be even-handed, here's Guido on what the Lib Dems have been up to.


Terry said...


I've no time for Tory Toffs or anyone in general that reduces themselves to sarcasm as a means of scoring points, is that so unreasonable? The electorate look to you as being some sort of example, not a kindergarten.

Kerry said...

You mean no cardboard cut-outs of the Foreign Secretary holding a banana? Shame.

Cameron is on TV as I speak. When asked about his lack of experience, he said I've worked in business (doing PR for Carlton TV) and at the Treasury (advising Norman Lamont on Black Wednesday).

I'm not highlighting his lack of sincerity and substance to 'score points'. I'm saying it because I think a Cameron-led government would be an absolute disaster for this country.

Terry said...


Are you saying you don't use sarcasm? I will tell you a story, you can believe it or not. Around two years ago I had a discussion with my Father-in-law and we had a consensus, the mad days of credit will lead to disaster. This was so obvious, now I assume Gordon Brown is much more qualified than myself in this field, why the hell didn't he see it coming?

Terry said...

I see you have no comment to my last post Kerry, I'm not surprised.

Kerry said...

Have a look at past minutes of Treasury Select Committee meetings, when Gordon was Chancellor.

Terry said...


I also have a job, don't fancy looking through a raft of old hat. Let's be honest, Gordon had total control of the finances, the deal was sealed to keep Tony in place. Now did he know what was coming, yes or no?

Paul said...

Terry I don't think even Gordon was controlling the lending by US banks.

Terry said...


Don't you mean lending by US and UK banks? The French are shielded from much of this due to the fact they don't run their society based on credit. It's actually very unusual to have any form of credit card in France. So I do blame Gordon to a degree in this. Britain has a new generation of people in for a big shock. Most Middle-aged people will remember their chilhood as being more of a cash based society, parents would live within their means. The new generation only know credit, they will find life very hard and in many cases will not cope. So Paul, unlike the French, Gordy took the George Bush route. It sickens me that millions will suffer while the SPIVS live off their immoral earnings for life. This shows the greedy sick side of Capitalism.

Elby the Beserk said...

Brown was warned repeatedly by the IMF about what his policies would lead to. And yes, they have led to the mess we are in today. Don't believe Brown when he blames it on the USA, this is a homegrown disaster - of the same nature, sure - but homegrown, and watered and fed by Brown.

Shocking PM. And I say that as one who voted Labour form my first vote in 1970 until Iraq.

Never never never again.