Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Something's gone wrong again

Recess Monkey congratulates Sky News on its expert coverage of the war in South Ossetia. Almost as good as the Daily Mail's take on it. (Katie Melua is worried about her family out there. She should definitely have been in the Top Ten).


The Bristol Blogger said...

This post seems to put another question mark over the 'Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention'.

Terry said...

A Labour govt that now gags England football managers. The sooner we are rid of these control freaks the better. I hope they rot for 30 years.

Kerry said...

There's a McDonalds in Yalta too, with a statue of Lenin outside. He doesn't look impressed.

Terry, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, but I doubt it has much to do with the situation in South Ossetia. Unless Fabio Capello has a view on it?

Terry said...


I am talking about govt pressure on the FA to toe the line on smoking. Are you lot dictators?


Just come back from a holiday in Spain, thought I was dreaming, happy people dancing enjoying themselves, smoking freely (inside buildings as well) with no feeling of persecution.


Labour an appalling regime soon to become extinct.

Kerry said...

Are the Tories (or any other party) promising to revoke the smoking ban?

DaveA said...

Kerry to answer your point Tory Central Office despatched an aide to the Forest website www.forestonline.org and hinted that in the 2010 review amending the smoking ban in our favour. I am off to the Tory Party Conference September 29th/30th as part of a Forest delegation to lobby Cameron.

Methinks the nanny/bully state in the Tories 2010 manifesto is a vote winner.

As someone who reads many debates online, it is interesting that about a year ago the pro and antis were about 50/50 in quantity of comments. Now we have attracted sympathy from many non smokers and 90% of comments are for us, who Labour have been rash enough to tar with the obesity and alcoholic brush.

I have come to respect you as a politician who at least was prepared to listen and I expected no encouragement.

I really do envisage a Labour wipe out at the next election and I sincerely hope you keep your seat.

Your colleague Paul Flynn (Newport West) who also entered into the debate and in my opinion is quite a snivelling, odious man. Deleting posts he disagreed with, deleting paragraphs for the same reason.

I hope he is on JobSeekers Allowance come 2010.