Monday, 11 August 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of an oncoming train)

Charlotte Leslie is posting poetry on her blog. I'm posting pictures of semi-naked Russian politicians in dubious trousers. I have also in the past week posted pics of bingo wings, Keanu Reeves, and the Leader of the Opposition in a wetsuit. I promise to try at least a little to be more intellectual tomorrow. But in a last burst of frivolity can I just say:
  • * New Beck album, Modern Guilt - very good, especially 'Orphans' which sounds a bit like 'You're so Vain' but none the worse for that;
* The Last of the Shadow Puppets album, The Age of Understatement - very good, especially 'I Don't Like You Anymore' (joins 'Like a Rolling Stone' and 'Positively 4th Street' as great songs to play when you don't like someone anymore);

* And if you haven't seen the graffiti art in a disused railway tunnel at Waterloo station, you should try to do so before it's completely trashed by untalented no-marks who think it's cool to scrawl their names over what are actually pretty stunning works of art. (This one below has already been ruined since I took the pic. It's a Banksy.)


Glenn Vowles said...

Cant say I'm taken much with Charlotte Leslie's choice of poetry to say the least. William Blake or Robbie Burns - now that would be worth posting...

Kerry said...

John Betjeman's a bit John Major (warm beer, cricket, cycling spinsters, all that stuff); not very Cameroonian!

thebristolblogger said...

Of course Betjeman has strong bristol connections.

He thought the city was the most attractive large city in England and joined the (failed) battle to save much of Lower Kingsdown from mindless demolition in the 50s.

I think he described the area as something along the lines of "like Hampstead rising out of Saville Row"

Unfortunately the city's politicians knew better as usual.