Monday, 25 August 2008

Ca plane pour moi

For those who have been wondering just where our politicians have been going wrong lately, here's Iain Dale's Total Politics magazine, pointing the finger at dowdy female MPs. And quite right too. How can we ever expect to hold our own on the international stage without a weekly blow dry?

P.S.Any resemblance between the cat in this picture and me first thing in the morning is entirely coincidental.


Iain Dale said...


Not my views in that article, I can assure you!

DaveA said...

Hi Kerry, I hope you had a good Bank Holiday weekend. I was reading the diary section of The Mail On Sunday and I am afraid you made it for your blog and cleaning out the cupboards.

The good news was that there was a photo of you and I thought you looked very attracive and fetching, including your barnet.

Kerry said...

That's what you get for criticising their women's pages!

For those who are interested, here's the diary piece:


THE blog of Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy , left, for last Wednesday reads: 'High point in the office today for me was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and throwing out lots of old crockery. I also went into town and bought some mugs. That is what recess is for.' Really? How about visiting a few hospitals or factories? The people of Bristol East who voted for her are the real mugs."

And here's the original post - Which perhaps puts it in a slightly better context?

On a - relatively - serious note, this is why MPs are reluctant to blog. Attempts to raise serious issues end up making the front pages (as happened with Tom Harris) and flippant comments end up being distorted. Which leaves the option of being as bland and boring as possible - e.g. 'today I visited a local hospital and met some local people who all told me how good the NHS is'. But you can look at my official website for that kind of thing.