Monday, 28 July 2008

Quick and to the pointless

I should have been on University Challenge this week: identifying F1 Grand Prix circuits, post-Impressionist artworks, and bands who topped John Peel's Festive 50 (Smiths, New Order, Pulp), plus a question on the longest and shortest ever Budget speeches. I did much better than the students, and I was cleaning the fridge at the same time. They're on biology now, so I've stopped listening.


Anonymous said...

University Challenge, like A levels, is a lot easier these days. This dumbing down is, of course, the fault of the government.

Kerry said...

Are you sure it's not that you've got older and wiser?

DaveA said...

BristolBlogger, did you get a refund from the charm school. I must say some of the wit, this included, and especially Jay's end of term toy being Cluedo has kept me smiling all day.

As this is a light hearted, I'll just say that University Challenge and Mastermind have to conducted in stony, serious silence in my house. It remains like that as I can't answer a damn question.

Joe said...

I must admit I started shouting at the telly when they didn't identify the Brazilian circuit - I mean there was a SENNA corner!

And don't get me started on the Joy Division/New Order mix-up.

Students today.

Carlos said...

me too Joe. I guess these people probably dont know who Senna was.