Saturday, 29 March 2008

Stop the Seal Hunt

Have just been doing a bit of research on the Canadian seal hunt (yes, I know - a fun way to spend a Saturday night!). For some good info, see here:

Also found this IFAW press release, which tells us that in Canada seals are classed as fish, rather than as sentient marine mammals that can experience pain, fear and suffering - which I thought was interesting (not to mention highly convenient!)


myvoice said...

Check out to see the graphic seal hunt footage on HSUS's and IFAW's video channels. It is just horrible!

Anonymous said...

Don't rely on the HSUS and the IFAW as your only source of facts. Here is another video for you to watch.

Tony Seaward
Newfoundland, Canada

Kerry said...

I've watched the youtube video. What's your response to the most recent comment: "What does the fact that Harp Seals arent endangered have anything to do with that fact that they are inhumanely being clubbed to death, skinned alive and dragged across the ice?"

Whitby Bridge said...

Must be halal seals then eh Kerry

I see you've disabled anonymous blogging

Kerry said...

We figured that if people were going to leave puerile comments we could at least make them go to the effort of inventing 'amusing' pseudonyms. (See other posts, not this one).