Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fairtrade Fortnight

Have been doing quite a lot over the past week to promote Fairtrade Fortnight, which starts on Monday. I'm doing a survey of constituents, asking about the extent to which they're prepared, as consumers, to support fair trade and what, if anything, they think the Government should be doing to promote it. Hope to be able to put the survey on the website too, technology permitting.

Good also to hear from Original FM that they're going to be covering fair trade over the next couple of weeks. I recorded a brief piece with them on Friday which is going out as part of a special feature on Sunday. Their listeners are exactly the sort of people who are most likely to suport fair trade, and to encourage others to sign up, even if it's just by making small changes to their behaviour like buying fair trade teabags or chocolate. (One way to feel virtuous when you're being self-indulgent!)

Today also saw an announcement from Tate and Lyle - - that all their sugar is going to be Fairtrade accredited by the end of 2009 - the biggest fair trade endorsement by a UK company. They're starting with their sugar from Belize, which is also the source of Green and Black's fair trade Maya Gold chocolate.

Fairtrade fortnight is being launched in Bristol at the Create centre on Monday, and the Fairtrade bus will be out and about in the city centre over the next couple of weekends. Have a look at the Bristol Fairtrade Network site for more details, and info on where you can buy fair trade in Bristol:

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