Saturday, 23 February 2008

Bristol-Bath cycle path

I've joined the Facebook group "I do not want the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path to turn into a Bus Lane!" and have been carefully following the debate on the Sustrans website, where a series of letters between Sustrans and Cllr Mark Bradshaw have been published:

As I've made clear elsewhere, I'm very much in favour of doing whatever we can to develop bus travel (and other forms of public transport) in the city, including finally getting our hands on the £42 million promised by the Government for Showcase Bus Routes. It's got to be an absolute priority, given the appalling congestion on our roads, and the poor quality of public transport at the moment. But there is plenty we can do on this front without interfering with people's enjoyment of the cycle path.

The West of England Partnership has promised to consult widely on the proposals, and I hope they genuinely listen to the people who so value - and, most importantly, actually use - the cycle path. I hope a solution can be found that will meet our public transport objectives and keep walkers and cyclists happy.

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Tom said...

Good on you Kerry. It's good to find a Councillor who has some clarity on the issue.

It's really quite simple - turning a cycle and walking path into a bus road would be a tragedy, and a backwards step for Bristol to take.

Here's to keeping buses off our cycle and walking path. Keep up the good work.