Thursday, 13 December 2007

The sun and the wind

I liked this bit from Gordon's interview in today's Times:

’Very quietly we have put solar panels on our home in Scotland quite some time ago. We have been operating with solar power for some time … The irony is my initial instinct was to have wind turbines. We are in a hill in an exposed area but I was persuaded by people who know about these things that even in that area — surrounded by massive winds & storms — solar power was a better way of generating electricity. It has been successful. Of all the different things that we deal with privately rather than ostentatiously, so as to get on with the business, you can make big changes & have an impact’.


Liz said...

Its a subject im starting to take very seriously, I just hope Mr Brown will force all new buildings commercial and residential to have an alternative energy source, especially with the current state of oil.

Steven said...

I am probably in a minority in defending him, but I think this probably shows the sincerity of our PM, vs the desperate attention seeking approach of David Cameron.