Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Have just been into a Westminster Hall debate to hear Dan Norris, MP for Wansdyke, make the case against the closure of the Cadbury's factory in Keynsham, following on from our very, very wet march through Keynsham on Saturday.

Stephen Williams, MP for Bristol West, was also there for the debate (though not for Saturday's march). Sadly, he didn't reprise his now infamous quote given to the Bristol Evening Post when news of the closure first hit the headlines.

When asked by the paper about the closure, Roger Berry MP said: "Those who work at the factory have shown great loyalty to the company. Now it's time for the company to repay that." Sam Townend, Labour PPC for Bristol North West said: "I cannot understand why the company would want to take the work away from Keynsham.... I don't think they have fully considered the costs of transporting the products all the way from Poland." Glyn Ford MEP pledged "to do whatever I can to try to prevent the closure by doing whatever work I can on a European level". And I was quoted as saying "Cadbury's is more than just a local employer, it's been at the heart of the community for many years, and I would expect to see a sense of loyalty to the town and its people. It's not just the jobs at the factory that are at risk, but many others within the local economy too, from suppliers to local shops and services."

And Stephen Williams? "My favourite bars are Fry's Turkish Delight and Chocolate Cream"....

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