Sunday, 18 November 2007

Westminster Hour

Have just been listening to a piece by Lesley Riddoch on the Westminster Hour, in which she was trying to work out who has the cushiest life - politicians in Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Speaking about Westminster she said, given the size of the Government's majority, turning up at votes is "optional". If that's true, no-one has told the Labour whips - we're on a three-liner every day this week.

She also seems to be under the impression that our working day consists solely of turning up for votes - which, if true, means I don't have to turn up for work until 10pm tomorrow, (that's if I can be bothered seeing as it's "optional"). She thinks MPs are on to a nice little earner - and yet she gets paid to turn out this kind of journalism.

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The Vectis Exile said...

A sense of humour in politics is a rare thing. I think the piece was meant to be tongue in cheek...but if it felt a bit too close to the bone then...