Sunday, 18 November 2007

Lib Dems take the gloves off

Just been watching an absolutely extraordinary spat between Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne on the Politics Show - I don't think I've ever seen two politicians from the same party go for each other like that, certainly not in a leadership contest.

Huhne was challenged over the publication by his campaign office of a pamphlet, "Calamity Clegg" and insisted he'd never seen it before (which I find astounding, if he hasn't) and he wasn't going to apologise for the contents of something he'd never seen. He could at least have apologised for the "Calamity Clegg" tag, but wasn't even prepared to go that far.

Clegg also got very cross with Huhne for allegedly misrepresenting his position on a whole range of issues, from Trident to taxation. Huhne's line is that Clegg is refusing to 'leave a paper trail' of his views on major issues, which hints that he wants to march the Lib Dems sharply in a rightwards direction if he wins.

All very entertaining, and worth watching on the Politics Show website if you didn't see it first time round.

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