Friday, 9 November 2007

More from Wednesday night's debate

In the interests of fair play I should perhaps have said in a previous post that Dominic Grieve, in his closing remarks during the Bow Group/ Young Fabians debate, described my contribution as 'chilling' and 'Stalinist'. I think it was my use (twice) of the phrase 'the collective good' which sent shivers down his aristocratic spine, although I suspect he was actually just pretending to be outraged. I was arguing that perhaps it was the belief that individual rights sometimes had to be subsumed in favour of the collective good which distinguished Labour from the other two main parties (although as one of my comrades on the night pointed out, if you're democratically elected on such a platform it's hardly Stalinist).

As an aside - why is it politically acceptable to call someone Stalinist, but not to call someone a Nazi? (For the avoidance of doubt - I understand entirely why the latter's not acceptable!)

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