Friday, 9 November 2007

A long weekend in Bristol

I thought that spending an extra day in Bristol this week might mean I could take things at a slightly more leisurely pace but it was not to be. Left home 10.20am today; spent the morning at the Local Employer Partnerships launch with Peter Hain; arrived at the office at about 2pm for five hours worth of emails, post, phone calls, website; left at 7pm to pick up Paul Smith, Labour's candidate for Bristol West, so we could go to the Black Development Agency's AGM together; left there at 10pm after three hours of speeches, questions and networking; dropped Paul back home and took advantage of being in the vicinity of Tesco's to do a spot of late night food shopping; arrived home at 11.40pm, watched This Week, updated the website, put the shopping away...

I was meant to be visiting a couple of lottery projects tomorrow morning, but they had to reschedule at the last moment so I've only got a couple of appointments, then a Labour South West Regional Board meeting on Saturday, and a flying visit to London for Douglas' 40th birthday party, catching the late train so I'm back in Bristol in time for the Remembrance Sunday parade. On Sunday afternoon I'm going to write something for the Queen's Speech debate on Tuesday, on child poverty. Or at least that's the plan at the moment.

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