Monday, 22 October 2007

Nick Clegg - a dead ringer for Jude Law?

Have just received a trailer for Sky News' new online political coverage, including Adam Boulton's blog. His latest item, on the Lib Dem leadership describes Nick Clegg as looking like "a cross between Jude Law and the young Paul McCartney". This bears absolutely no relation to reality whatsover. Although I suppose if we're expected to look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and think of David Cameron, anything is possible!

My main recollection of my trip to the West Bank with Nick Clegg in 2005 was a conversation we had, when he asserted that Labour had virtually nothing of note to show for two terms in office. I reeled off a list of achievements, (minimum wage, public services, employment levels, etc) to which he replied: 'Well yes, maybe on the economy - but not on the things that really matter to people, like Europe and constitutional reform.' That is why he is a Liberal Democrat.

Nick also demonstrated a very Lib Dem fascination with rubbish and potholes on our trip; I kept trying to get pictures of him pointing at them, in typical Lib Dem Focus leaflet style, but never quite succeeded.

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