Wednesday, 24 October 2007

News from PMQs

I went to meet a guest in Central Lobby after PMQs today. As I approached him, I saw David Cameron rushing past him, with a young lad in a red hoodie in hot pursuit. I'm told the young lad was asking Cameron 'what are you doing to engage with young people?' but Cameron gave him the brush off. Maybe you need a blue hoodie to get a hug?

No sign of Nick Clegg or Chris Huhne at PMQs today, for the second week in a row - have they been banned?

Poor old Ian Austin, the Prime Minister's PPS, incurred the Speaker's wrath today for shouting at the Opposition during PMQs - but was actually entirely innocent (this time, at least). He was in his usual position, by the Speaker's chair, where he could be heard but not seen. Despite the Speaker claiming his hearing 'was bang on', it was actually a Government minister making all the noise.

Gordon also got into a bit of trouble for accusing David Cameron of 'misleading' the House, which was met with entirely fake outrage from the Tories. All of which rather overshadowed the serious business of the session, which included some questions on the Government's commitment to a renewable energy target and further action against Iran, and promises on reducing breast cancer screening waiting times, even for non-urgent cases.

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