Monday 21 December 2009

Snowed under

Got up at 6am with the intention of visiting postal workers at the sorting office in Easton, but after inspecting the roads and taking into account the fact my car is about the size and weight of a shoe box, and has a flat back tyre (slow puncture, couldn't find a garage with a functioning air machine last night), I decided that it was sensible not to venture out until the sun came up. I'm going to try walking to Old Market in a bit, to get the bus up to the office, which is at least on a main road. And I can pop into the BEP offices on the way, to drop off the presents I'm donating to their Christmas Toy Appeal; tried to do this yesterday, but no-one was in!

We have quite a few parliamentary reports still to deliver by year end, so might end up with a mammoth envelope stuffing session, sending them all by post instead of risking life and limb on the steps of St George. Apart from that it will be emails, emails, emails all the way - determined to clear them by year end!

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