Monday, 26 April 2010

Meet the candidates

So, nominations are in for Bristol East and there are eight candidates on the ballot paper. Those leaning to the right are spoilt for choice, with the BNP, English Democrats, UKIP, Tories and Lib Dems (well, it is Popham after all), and on the left we have Labour, the Greens and the Socialist/ Trade Union party. The UKIP candidate is called Phil Collins, which got us excited for at least a couple of seconds in the office.

The only proper, open to all hustings of the campaign is taking place this coming Friday, at St John's Church on Lodge Causeway. It starts at 7.30pm. Would be good to see plenty of people there, asking lots of awkward questions. Not sure how many candidates have been invited.

I'm doing a couple of other debates this week, one in front of PCS members and a 'speed-dating' event somewhere in Clifton, which is being organised by Oxfam. [JUST RECEIVED EMAIL - THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED BECAUSE IT CLASHES WITH A BRISTOL WEST HUSTINGS]

I bumped into Wilf from Greenpeace in the Post Office today (the first of three visits to three separate post offices, due to gross under-estimation of just how many postal vote letters we were sending out) and he wants to organise an event for Bristol East, so will keep you posted if that can be pulled together at short notice.


timbone said...

Wish I could be at St John's on Friday. As I have said previously Kerry, whatever happens on 6th, I am sure you will be a survivor.
So, BNP, don't think they will do very well in Bristol East.
English Democrats. Hadn't heard of them until I saw their party political the other night. Seemed nice. Liked their issue about an English Parliament, liked that a lot.
UKIP, I will deal with them later.
Tories and LibDems, think the LibDems could be a dark horse, whatch them Kerry. (By the way, what is Popham).
Greens? mmm I was as shocked when my brother said he might vote for them as he was when I said I would vote where was I, oh yes;
Socialist/Trade Union Party. Sound a bit like the Socialist Labour Party which Scargil set up after Kinnock abolished clause 4.
Oh yes, UKIP. My constituency, (Wythenshawe and Sale East), is a strong Labour seat, and quite rightly so, we have a good MP, Mark Goggins. Of course, I am a little biased, because his brother Paul is a musician and has played in my pit orchestras a couple of times.
I am not anti Europe and wish we had the Euro, but I will vote UKIP. My little protest against our archaic 1st past the post ruling party system. I also like Nigel Farage, one of the lads - wouldn't it be great if he beat Bercow, (sorry Sally). I have to also say that UKIP are the only party, besides the BNP, who say that they would allow pubs and clubs to do what the 2005 Labour Manifesto promised, let them choose whether to be smoking, non smoking or have a well ventilated separate area indoors.

Kerry said...

Paul Goggins is the MP! He's a very nice man.

The English Democrats actually had a very reasonable sounding guy fronting their PEB, I suspect the rest of the party may not be as telegenic or reasonable.

How on earth can you vote UKIP when you're not a euro-sceptic? It's their whole raison d'etre!

As for Popham... he's the Lib Dem candidate, he "used to" be a Tory. I say "used to" because I think he still is, in all but name.