Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thursday - the spotlight's on Bristol!

Final blog post of today, and keeping it short... Am still going to blog about the manifesto at some point, I promise! And on John Healey's visit to Bristol yesterday to highlight Labour's commitment to new council house building.

Tomorrow is going to be a really big campaign day, for obvious reasons. The party leaders are in town for the Leaders' debate, along with some 300 or so media hacks. Gordon is, I hope, going to be doing a visit or two earlier on in the day, and will also be tweeting live from Bristol - check out @Tweetminster #askGB.

Later on in the day I'll be out campaigning, possibly with a Minister in tow, then I'm doing a debate at the uni on education issues, and then a Fawcett Society debate at the Council House, on women's issues. That one could be quite interesting. I think Adeela will be there.

And then it's off to Bordeaux Quay for a VIP screening of the Leaders' Debate which is taking place across the water at the Arnolfini. Or I might disappear early to the St George Labour Club where we're screening it too. The first half of the debate is on foreign affairs, and I'd David Cameron will do his best to try to paint Nick Clegg as a rabid euro-federalist. (He's actually mildly rabid on the euro-federalism front, but not fully-fledged). Mr Clegg - or, indeed, Gordon - might want to watch this video on Tories in the EU parliament as part of their prep. It also includes Cameron's must-see interview for Gay Times.

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Glenn Vowles said...

The tv debates are undemocratic if restricted to just the three people who lead a political status quo that is more discredited now than it has ever been! There is very little difference between the bigger parties in practice, including the Lib Dems, and it certainly suits their political agenda to exclude others.

People have a right to see and hear a broad range of political leaders, including the Greens, Scottish and Welsh Nationalists, UKIP, Respect…In the last local and European elections the interest in parties other than Labour the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats was higher than ever, so don’t the media have a duty to help voters become fully informed??