Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Having my Baby*

Such is the life I lead, I often end up just skimming news headlines during the day and reading yesterday's paper the following morning as I'm drying my hair. Hence being rather late to realise that the Guardian has seen fit to devote a whole page to Samantha Cameron's pregnancy, with the tagline "Tory lead among female voters is likely to remain". No doubt the letters page today is full of letters from women who, like me, almost exploded on reading that. Yes, because that's all it takes to win the women's vote, isn't it? Cooing over the prospect of a gurgling little baby in No. 10. (The piece is written by two blokes, by the way. And yes, congratulations to the Camerons, especially after last year's tragedy, but please...).

The Guardian also falls for CCHQ puffery by highlighting their quote "Social action projects are at the heart of everything we do. Sam will champion that." She designs handbags. Rather expensive handbags, along with £250 credit card holders made from the skin of monitor lizards, who don't deserve to end up in some overpaid banker's inside breast pocket. Perhaps she has a hitherto undisclosed commitment to charitable projects, but she's kept it very quiet.

More importantly though, let's look in a bit more detail at that quote from CCHQ. "Social action projects are at the heart of everything we do... Social action projects demonstrate our core values of social responsibility, not state control." That's spinspeak for slashing public spending (and the grants to voluntary sector organisations that go with it), letting the churches and charities pick up the pieces. It's the same old Tory agenda. Any chance of the Guardian finding space for a full page article on that? Or will they just stick a big picture of Sam Cam on the page so the women readers can get a really good look at her baby bump?

* Without a doubt, the most nauseating song of all time. From the guy who wrote My Way.

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