Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Do It Yourself

Most people who are au fait, up to speed, on the ball, etc as far as new media campaigning is concerned will already have heard about Labour's latest wheeze, to 'crowd source' its next election poster. I gather entries have been flooding in, and the best will be published after the closing date, tomorrow. I did an interview about it on Five Live yesterday, when the Tory up against me actually cited #cashgordon as an example of the Tory Party's online success. (See recent post if you need an explanation as to why that provoked guffaws from the listening public).

I suspect the second category, "highlighting David Cameron's lack of substance" may produce the most amusing entries, but here's a great one in the first category, Labour's pledge to protect online public services, from Bristol's very own Rory Doona (see here for some more of his work, including his manga poster for Paul Smith's Bristol West campaign. He's promised me to do me one soon too!)


Alasdair said...

I like that a lot. Some genuine creativity and art rather than just mashing together some photoshop pictures and a slogan. I love the little red people helping the guy up while the others sit in a huff!

TotnesMatters said...

More accurately it should read "spending on the NHS has more than doubled".

Spending does not automatically equate to investment, unless it delivers a decent return. Sadly governments of all colours have a remarkable propensity to waste money in obscene quantities, perhaps because it was never "their" money in the first place.

Like the blog though....