Monday, 15 March 2010

And Even the Vegetables Screamed

I emailed round MPs a little while ago, asking if any of them would own up to being vegetarian. This was prompted in part by the fact that the Bristol-based vegetarian campaign group, Viva! has a very limited selection of politicians listed on its site under 'Famous Vegetarians' and in fact no-one who will be in Parliament after the election. It's quite a fascinating list actually: Sir John Gielgud, Larry Hagman, Leonard Nimoy AND William Shatner, Doris Day...

My quick and unscientific survey (i.e. those who could be bothered to reply to the email) has produced the names of 18 vegetarians, another half dozen or so who eat fish but not meat, and a smattering of apologetic "not quite but almosts". Plus the ex-Minister who replied "I have a wife who's vegetarian and a daughter who's vegetarian but I'm afraid I'd eat a scabby dog if I was hungry enough!"

As for party breakdown? 16 Labour, 2 Lib Dems. Quite a few retirees amongst them, so we will have to see what the post-election scenario is. If all goes according to plan there will be at least two of us vegans, as Cathy Jamieson has been selected for Des Browne's seat.


The Boiling Frog said...

No Tories? Or did you not email them? The only one that comes to mind straight away was Alan Clark. There must be others.

Kerry said...

I did email them, apart from the obvious ones like Eric Pickles! The closest I got was Peter Bottomley who said he's more or less vegetarian, but eats meat sometimes when no alternative.

cathy said...

Hi Kerry

I hope I can add to the vegan count by winning in Kilmarnock
and Loudoun! I am the only vegan MSP in the Scottish Parliament so it will be good to have company!