Thursday, 14 January 2010

It's the New Thing!

Douglas in the New Statesman on the election campaign:

"Look at the Conservatives: they're running a broadcast campaign in a networked world. If you look at their poster advertising - a thousand posters last week - I think the idea that you have one-way dialogue with the public … fails to recognise the appetite for engagement". Indeed.


Dave said...

Kerry - a fair point - but I don't necessarily see Labour streaking ahead with their use of Online Electioneering 2.0.

I also think in the last few years the Tories have done more than Labour to use "networking" and the interweb.

MTPT said...

NS needs to get out more, and perhaps read some of that networked coverage he's alluding to: Dizzy's comparison of the engagement with recent Tory and Labour initiatives ( ) starkly makes clear the degree to which Labour's failing on this. Would suggest that the Tories are running both a broadcast campaign - for those many, many voters not linked into blogs or social media - and a networked one.