Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hollow Man (2)

Sorry to harp on about the Cameron poster campaign (well, not really) but according to the Mail, Senior Tory officials have said that the campaign is "designed to appeal to floating voters in Lib Dem held seats". So does that mean the Tories are targeting Bristol West? The three posters I've seen so far are in the new Bristol West seat or roads leading to it... It was a three-way marginal last time, but I'd have thought the boundary changes put it as a straight Lib Dem-Labour fight (which will be won by Labour).

Stephen Williams, by the way, reckons Bristol North West is a three-way fight, as his safest Lib Dem ward has gone into there. No doubt we will be seeing "Only the Lib Dems can beat Labour here" leaflets going out soon.


SteveL said...

Who is #3 in the 3-way fight? Green party? I hear they are after Bristol East too?

Anonymous said...


The Green's have made it clear nationally they have 3 setas they are taregting, one in Brighton, 1 London and 1 in Norwich. Bristol seats are not on their target list


Anonymous said...

Crikey I was more tired than I thought when I posted that comment

seta = seat

taregting = targeting

maybe I should start a new language