Thursday, 17 December 2009

Straight to hell*

Isn't this a brilliant photo for Copenhagen week?

I discovered it on Dave Gorman's blog having been led there by something he said on Twitter. That's Dave Gorman the comedian, turns out he's also a photographer (and according to his biog he likes balancing rocks but I don't think he was responsible for the ones in this picture. In fact I know that, before you start trying to tell me why he wasn't). I hope he is OK with people reproducing his pics. Or that he doesn't find out about it.

His blog is also pretty good in places, quite endearing and self-deprecating in the way he is on telly and the radio. I skipped most of the cycling stuff, which is a bit boys and their toys, but then came across this post about how two little girls tried to give him a religious leaflet on the tube, and then concluded he was going to hell because he wouldn't accept it. I do like the fact he replies to the comments in some depth and tries to argue rationally with people who are not going to agree with him at all.

Seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment for comedians crossing into social commentary and being pretty good at it. Chris Addison has a decent column in the Evening Standard and David Mitchell's column in the Observer is a weekly delight. At which point I reiterate my argument that if these people are nice and decent and funny and intelligent and definitely not Tories - and I'm listening to Richard Wilson interviewing Arabella Weir on Radio 4 at the moment and they're talking about their support for Labour.... Well, that says something about the Tories, doesn't it?

*Song titles are back.

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Leroy said...

I think that comedians represent the single most intelligent, observant and insightful group in our society! Thanks for the tip-off: that post was highly interesting and I'm a new subscriber to Gorman's blog! I agree about Gorman's comments too; blogging, for me, is all about dialogue and discussion. I left my comment knowing that it'd be taken seriously that there was a healthy debate going on.

Just like here! Keep up the good work.