Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Kerry's guide to PMQs - Wednesday 9th December

*1 Robert Neill (Bromley & Chislehurst):
If he will list his official engagements for Wednesday 9 December, followed by a supplementary.

Random Labour backbencher
David Cameron (6 questions)

Random Labour backbencher
Nick Clegg (2 questions)

*2 Mr Graham Allen (Nottingham North): What recent discussions he has had with hon. Members on an all-party approach to policy on early intervention. Followed by a supplementary. (This is unusual, MPs usually all just ask the engagements question, which only gets answered once, but this means Graham gets two answers. Early intervention is something Graham's been championing for many years.)

Random Opposition backbencher
*3 Lindsay Roy (Glenrothes)
Random Opposition backbencher
*4 Derek Twigg (Halton)
Random Opposition backbencher
*5 Keith Vaz (Leicester East)

*6 Mr John Leech (Manchester, Withington)
Random Labour backbencher
*7 Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed)
Random Labour backbencher

*8 Mr Adam Holloway (Gravesham)
*9 Emily Thornberry (Islington South & Finsbury)
Random Opposition backbencher
*10 Jessica Morden (Newport East)
Random Opposition backbencher
*11 Dr Doug Naysmith (Bristol North West)
Doug was no. 1 at PMQs last week - we may not quite get to him this time.

*12 Alistair Burt (North East Bedfordshire)
*13 Mr Eric Martlew (Carlisle)
Random Opposition backbencher
*14 Alan Simpson (Nottingham South)
Random Opposition backbencher
*15 John Mann (Bassetlaw)


beness said...

So most of the Labour questions will be plants then.

Bristol Dave said...

Thanks again Kerry, I find these PMQs posts very interesting and helpful.

One question though, some of the questions from the Labour back-benchers are such obvious plants to allow Gordon to reel off the latest "tractor stats" about the police, NHS, crime, poverty, etc. I suspect, although I was too young to remember, that exactly the same happened with Tory backbenchers when they were in office too.

Do these backbenchers have their questions written for them, or are they just that sycophantic?

The Boiling Frog said...

I echo Bristol Dave's comments regarding your posts about PMQs, however I would like to make an observation.

Week after week (sadly with few exceptions) Brown leads with tributes to British fallen soldiers. This rightly is heard in respectful silence.

Then usually follows a planted Labour question after which is Cameron's turn. He begins with a tribute also and this again is heard in silence.


When Nick Clegg rises, the jeering starts. Clegg is clearly held in contempt by other MPs and often looks hopelessly out of his depth, and so this is understandable knock-about fun.

But it's obvious that Clegg will begin with his own tribute, as the leader of the third main party, so it should be heard in silence from the start.

Unfortunately it's usually not and it wasn't again today.

The jeering does subside eventually, amid audible sustained sounds of 'shh' by other MPs, but rarely are Clegg's tributes heard in complete silence.

I appreciate perceptions can be different on the TV, so can you confirm if this is how it seems in the house as an MP, and who the culprits may be - from either side.

I know it's only a small detail, but it pisses me off no end, regardless of one's views of Clegg, that this seems to happen every week,

Stephen said...

More to the point, who is writing Cameron's questions?! About 6 months ago he was in full public school bully / Flashman mode. Now he sounds as though he has no energy or wit - has Alistair Campbell given Gordon some Camero-kryptonite? I hope so....