Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The blog post that never was

Well I was planning to blog about the Tories' broadside on single parents, which is something I feel very strongly about, but I'm not sure I have the mental energy to do so tonight.

I'm always keen to give a bit of a plug to new bloggers, especially young ones of the Labour variety, and don't really do it often enough. So tonight when a young woman called Bryony said she was going to blog about why the Tories were wrong about marriage, I encouraged her to do so, and told her to be sure to tweet the link. When she did, I RT'd it, without at that stage actually having read it because I was on my Blackberry and it's difficult to download some sites. That's not a disclaimer though; I've read the piece since, and I think it's very good. Here it is.

Several hours later I logged onto Twitter, to discover that a row had broken out. Nadine Dorries MP, whose blog post was criticially dismantled by Bryony in her piece, was accusing me of mounting a personal attack on her on here. She - Nadine - was not responding to requests from various people to explain what on earth she was talking about. She then accusing me of having removed the offensive blog post from here and said 'I wonder why'. I haven't. It wasn't my blog!

Anyway, I don't want to say anymore about it. It's rather spoiled my evening. I do want to blog about the marriage/ single parent issue at some point, however. It's appalling that the Tories, seeing their poll lead shrink, have pulled this one out of the bag yet again. Not much sign of the compassionate Conservatives these days...


Hadleigh Roberts said...

I think the lesson here is that ND is just completely barmy and doesn't read before replying.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the trouble!

Steven_L said...

If you think about it another way, there are no such thing as 'single' parents, it takes two to tango.

Now, there are all sorts of circumstances that can lead to children having single parents, but it strikes me that the most common seems to be young men who walk away from their responsibilities and expect to transfer the burden onto other people.

From what people say, the CSA was a joke. I've come across so called professionals that skip from short term contract to short term contract to avoid payments
they feel bitter about.

Those payments are then basically socialised. A bit like these leveraged private equity loans and subprime mortgages have been.