Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Be my head*

I've just completed an online survey circulated to MPs by an organisation called Transplant 2013, about organ donation, and then by pure coincidence was forwarded this link on Twitter by someone who remembered my support for opt-out organ donation. Really good to see Wales take a lead. Wonder if there's a chance of getting it in the manifesto? If you're interested in becoming an organ donor (obviously not in the immediate future, but after a long, healthy and happy life!) you can sign up here:

*You can be my head
Oh, I really need one
'cause it's used all its better days
You can be my head
'cause I've ruined this one
Blasting holes where it used to be

And if it's not a big thing,
You could swap or lend me
You should stop and ask me
Be my head, and I'll be yours...

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