Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Beastly behaviour in the tearoom

Shocking behaviour by two Tory grandees in the Members tearoom yesterday. One was seen to waltz in there, grab a slice of meat from the buffet with his bare hands, stuff it into his mouth and waltz off again. Another - a knight of the realm no less! - slapped a shocked female Labour MP firmly on her bottom in full view of other members.

Perhaps their excitement over the collapse of Cameron's "cast-iron guarantee" on Lisbon has gone to their heads. It's like Lord of the Flies in the Tory ranks - and fairly obviously who Piggy is!


The Boiling Frog said...

It's amazing how Labour are even attempting to try to make political capital out of broken promises.

Remind me again, Kerry, which party in Government broke a manifesto promise regarding the EU Constitution - sorry I meant Lisbon?

...slapped a shocked female Labour MP firmly on her bottom in full view of other members.

That wasn't you was it? ;-)

Kerry said...

No it wasn't.... he's still alive.

Anonymous said...

You are not envious, I presume?

Rob said...

Dear Ms McCarthy,
I remember when politicians argued on political points, on the strengths and weaknesses of policies. On almost a daily basis it appears to be common practice of the Labour party to ignore policy issues and attempt instead to start vile rumours or speculate on intentions of other persons on a personal level to try to obtain party political leverage.
This brings me onto your tweet about a 72 year old gentleman, who you heard from hear-say had slapped a colleague on the behind. The intention of your tweet is to smear the name and integrety of an elderly gentleman with an impeccible history of service, conduct and integrety.
I am very sorry that you feel it necessary to resort to such measures Ms Mccarthy. I have often regarded you as a person with questionable ability, questionable character and questionable integrety. I am disappointed to find that I was right.
Perhaps you might attempt to argue political points based on policies rather than personal attacks in the future. Your actions let you down and show you to the public to be a spiteful, vindictive, spineless little woman with no integrety, no character, and to be honest, rather lacking in personality.
Shame on you.