Thursday, 22 October 2009

You've been Pickled

The Tories seem to think Eric Pickles can be branded as a lovable, down-to-earth character, and are putting him at the forefront of their campaigning, with YouTube direct to camera pieces and now this, interrupting the reveries of innocent music lovers on Spotify. So what do you think - is it a vote winner?


Bearded Socialist said...

I'm a big fan of Spotify and, if I could afford it, I'd certainly pay not to hear Eric Pickles' and the Tories disasterous economic ideas.

I have no problem with politicians using Spotify to advertise, they may as well try something to get into the heads of younger people.
I'm young and pro-politics but hate X-Factor, which puts me in a minority so maybe my opinion is unusal (which is usual)

Remember Remember said...

You're just jealous that you hadn't thought of it.
In any case, I'm rather tired of politicians telling me what they think. You're supposed to be doing what *WE* think. Get on with it. You can start by asking us, humbly and nicely, what we need you to do.

Bristol Dave said...

I'd certainly pay not to hear Eric Pickles' and the Tories disasterous economic ideas.

Actually, since "Walrus" Pickles's advert is just pointing out the frankly terrifying levels of borrowing and government debt this country has after a decade of Labour, it's actually much more about Labour's disasterous economic ideas.

Oh the ironing!

Remember Remember said...

Welcome to Britain, Kerry:

Bearded Socialist said...

Bristol Dave

To some extent, you're right. But on balance Labour did the right thing in borrowing and investing, while the Tories 'slash and burn' ideas would leave us worse off.

Also, the Tory policy of attempting to get by without offering any policy annoys me. Saying 'Change' over and over is not going to sort things out