Thursday, 15 October 2009

Today in Parliament...

Sir George Young is doing his first stint as Shadow Leader of the House at this very moment. (First stint this time round; he's done it before). A marked change from his predecessor, Alan Duncan, who could always be relied upon to bring a bit of verve and humour to the occasion. He's just asked for a debate on the Guardian injunction, and also on the EDM which calls for election night to be protected, i.e. for the count to be held on the Thursday night. He said that the latter was 'a burning issue in the blogosphere.' (Clearly reading from his notes; I suspect Sir George is not intimately acquainted with the blogosphere). I received a phone call during Harriet's response so don't know what she said about Trafigura, but on the election night issue she said it's first and foremost a matter for the Electoral Commission.

On the Trafigura issue - all MPs were copied in this morning on a letter to the Speaker from Carter Ruck. If anyone can explain to me how you attach links to pdf documents on here, I'd be happy to post it.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you can upload documents direct to Blogger, but here's a quick way to do it via Google Docs, which because it's owned by the same company, should mean you don't have to create a new log-in or anything...

1. Go to Google Docs

2. Click 'Upload' (towards top right, by 'Create New')

3. Press 'Browse' button to find the PDF on your hard disk which you want to upload (and optionally give it a name)

4. Click 'Upload File'

5. Once uploaded you'll get a preview of the document

6. Now just above the preview, to top left, is a drop down list behind the link named 'Share' - click 'Share' then 'Get the link to share...'

7. On the dialogue box 'Get the link to share' that pops up, tick the 'Allow anyone with link to view' box

8. Now copy the highlighted URL, and click 'Save & Close'.

All done!

Malcolm Clarke said...

If you wish to email the pdf to me I will put it on my webspace then give you the link from which members can download. If that makes life easier! Then just cut and paste the code into the posting and people will be able to download it.


The Boiling Frog said...

If anyone can explain to me how you attach links to pdf documents on here, I'd be happy to post it.

One way is to use a hosting site such as:

It's easy to create an account, then you can upload the pdf file and then post the link into your blog

Kerry said...

Thanks to you all!