Monday, 19 October 2009

Just got this through from local police

The BBC Panorama programme this evening will be based on the experiences of two undercover reporters residing on the Southmead Estate throughout the summer of 2009. The report is expected to show the undercover journalists being subjected to a number of racially motivated incidents.

The programme makers have refused to provide any further detail before screening the documentary, however, Avon and Somerset Police, Safer Bristol and Bristol City Council will be monitoring the situation very closely to ensure that offenders are brought to justice.

PS Here's the link to more info on the programme.

And I think it's only fair to show this response from local residents.


Bristol Dave said...

Just watched it, and have to admit I was surprised at the level of brazen abuse they were subjected to, although not surprised at the area this happened in - Southmead - which is for the most part a dump inhabited by chavscum.

But then, if they'd filmed it in Clifton or Redland they wouldn't have much of a TV programme, would they?

SteveL said...

It was awful and made me ashamed to live in the same city. I was pretty shocked by St Annes too -always seemed pretty sleepy to me on the couple of times I went through it. I have a (white) colleague who is scared to cycle to work through Southmead, so perhaps they hassle all outsiders -some worse than others.

If they had filmed in Clifton or Redland the arguments would have been about parking, not skin colour.

Steven_L said...

Nothing about keeping the children (one of them 11 and obviously the product of terrible parenting) anonymous this time?

I wasn't that surprised, you've lost a lot of your voters to the BNP Kerry. They always were racists, just now they have given up with labourand the BNP best represents their warped views.

Once they get sick of the tories they might come flooding back though.

seebag said...

What a wonderful testament to 12 years of New Labour -
Education, education, education - forget that.
Sound well managed immigration policies - no chance.
Integration and moving to a healthily diverse society - dream on.
Law and order - please don't make me laugh.
The sooner you lot are booted out the sooner we can get on with fixing the appalling damage you have inflicted on this country.

Chris Hutt said...

The racism appeared to be incidental. The real issue is that there are dysfunctional families and feral youth in Southmead and many other similar council housing estates and there seems to be little that the authorities can or will do about it.

The making of such a programme appears facile to me. Presenting it as about racist abuse when it is really something deeper and more complex was possibly politically inspired.

dreamingspire said...

Excellent article in the Bristol Evening Post. And it was disgusting that the young boy was identified - he is clearly seriously disturbed, needing someone on his side, not an officious team running an offender management programme.
I'm sorry that Tamanna was so upset, but putting a smartly dressed couple in an ostentatiously modified ex-council house was asking for trouble, even though I'm aware from people who know it that Southmead is enormously improved of late.