Thursday, 29 October 2009

Half man, half biscuit

I'm perhaps a bit slow off the mark on this one, but so were MumsNet who have now revealed the shocking truth behind the Prime Minister's failure to answer That Biscuit Question, which has been cited by all and sundry as evidence that Gordon can't make up his mind about anything, including Cameron at PMQs who sneered that the Prime Minister "sits in his bunker and can't even decide what biscuits he wants to eat".

And the truth is.... no-one asked Gordon. Someone at MumsNet filtered the questions and they ignored the biscuit ones.

This is obviously shocking in itself. Just who was this Carter Ruck of the MumsNet world denying British mums their fundamental human right to know exactly what the Prime Minister of this country chooses to consume in his teabreaks? What gross infringement of our civil liberties has been perpetrated by this NuMum monster? Where is Shami Chakrabati when the mums of this nation need her?

What amused me though, is that MumsNet's Malcolm Tucker said they'd not put the biscuit question to the Prime Minister because they didn't want to waste his time on such trivial matters. He is the Prime Minister after all. "We were conscious of not merely focusing on frivolities. Fun as biscuits are, access to the Prime Minister is precious and we would have hated to waste time on Rich Tea fingers at the expense of miscarriage or the school starting age."

But they asked Cameron (oatcakes*) and Clegg (Rich Tea**). Hmmm....

* They're not biscuits

** Goes soggy when dunked in something hot


Bristol Dave said...

I can't believe the amount of column inches that have been given to the question to Gordon about biscuits.

Who gives a toss about what kind of biscuits Gordon Brown eats anyway? Just like I don't give a toss what his favourite colour is, or where he'd most like to take a holiday.

The fact that it's been given a "-gate" prefix ("biscuitgate") after Watergate, one of the greatest political scandals in history, speaks volumes about this country.

Bearded Socialist said...

Once again Cameron, Clegg and the mainstream media have really tackled the important issues head-on.
Cameron is far happier with biscuit-based decisions than economic ones, that seems certain

bevanite said...

I would like to know the biscuit tipple of our Twitter Tsar... and I very much doubt I'm alone.

The Grim Reaper said...

What's your favourite biscuit then, Kerry?

Failure to decide within 0.00032 seconds will mean you forever being derided as someone who is pathetically indecisive.

Give me chocolate digestives anyday of the week.

Kerry said...

It could be chocolate digestive if they did vegan ones... So either plain digestive or those oaty crumbly cookie things they do at the Butternut deli in Church Road.