Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Great apes

The Guardian's piece on Lord Stern's comments about climate change also raises the current controversy over palm oil production. I am proud to report I purchased orangutan-friendly black pepper oatcakes this morning, which are made with olive oil rather than palm oil like most oatcakes. Now we need David "oatcakes are my favourite biscuits"* Cameron to confirm likewise.

*They're not biscuits.

Speaking of apes, the adorable and fluffy AA Gill has upset people by revealing he shot a baboon on safari in Africa "to see what it would feel like to shoot a person". This gives me not only the opportunity to re-use my favourite holiday snap, taken in Victoria Falls a couple of years ago and previously used to illustrate a particularly insightful blog post on men sitting with their legs apart on trains...

... but also to draw attention to the fact that the delightful Mr Gill also confirmed what we all know, that arguments in defence of fox-hunting are just spurious efforts to justify bloodsports: "The feeble argument of culling and control is much the same as for foxes: a veil for naughty fun." While Mr Cameron is answering my question about oatcakes, perhaps he could also reveal how many live animals he's shot and killed for sport?


Remember Remember said...

BTW Kerry, if you ever think you might actually need to know anything about shooting, pest control and hunting, I can provide answers or organise a fact finding trip for you.

Kerry said...

I think you've had ample opportunity to put your case across over the years, and the Great British Public are not convinced!

Dave H said...

Poor baboon-chap's recently been swimming in the North Sea. That's the one I use, anyway.

Mr Gill (for it is he) really doesn't emerge too well from this tale(and I write that as someone who shoots then eats fluffy/feathery things).

Tony Gosling said...

Kerry, re your great ape. Are you proud to be so insultingly perverse and sexist? Do you think being so sexist makes people want to vote for you?
Remember what the sexist men used to say before equal rights "what's wrong with YOU! It is only a joke".