Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cycling go slow

Confirmation that Cllr Jon Rogers is all talk and no action? Come on Jon - get a move on!


Jon Rogers said...

Nope - just a measure how much treacle the previous chap left me with.

Luckily it is full steam ahead now.


Chris Hutt said...

What it confirms above all is that the Cycling City project as originally set up by Labour was ill thought through. Jon is trying to overcome inherrent faults in the machinery.

seebag said...

Agreed, but this is the pot calling the kettle black. Just witness the ineffectual meeting you wrote of on Monday. Begs the question what and how much exactly have you achieved?

The Bristol Blogger said...

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry ...

The term "wasting money" is an obvious misquote as Jon will be along to tell us very soon. It's about the third misquote this week from the Evening Post in fact.

The headline should of course read "Bristol is spending cycling millions in tremendously brilliant ways thanks to the fantastic leadership of the Lib Dems and especially Jolly Jon".

Now repeat the mantra:

"Cycling City is successful;
Sainsbury's will pay £20m to build a supermarket on Ashton Gate;
Jon, Babs, Si and Jan are heading for the top 20 with their Euro Disco hit '(It's just a) Delusion'"

Steven_L said...

Why is it the councillors fault? The article says:

"chief executive Jan Ormondroyd admitted that the Cycling City team, now made up of 12 full-time members of staff, had been slow delivering the project."

When you were a councillor was everything the officers did your fault?

dreamingspire said...

How come Bristol (hilly, tortuous road system) got cycling city status and Manchester (flat, plenty of wide roads) didn't? People in Manchester have been asking that. But of course Manchester has a PTE and the bus service is wonderful.