Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A politician's word is her bond...

I told House of Twits (or House of Tw*ts as it's no doubt known by Mr Cameron) that I liked his website and would link to it on my blog. But I didn't and now his wife thinks he's a loser.

So... a big shout out (as Mr Cameron would no doubt say) for House of Twits and his wonderful website, http://www.houseoftwits.co.uk/ which is a good way of catching up with all things political in the wonderful world of Twitter.

Ironically, one of the most recents tweets to appear on there is this from Michael of the Independent, publicising a new website trying to hold MPs to account over broken promises - http://tinyurl.com/ktgj9x. Seems to be to me an open invitation to the type of constituents whose letters almost inevitably end up referencing MI5, the freemasons or some other form of international conspiracy which has prevented them getting their fence fixed for the past twenty years. But we shall see.

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Remember Remember said...

Holding MPs accountable? Crackpots indeed.