Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A moment on the tube

Beautiful moment on the Tube today... I was on a day trip to London for some meetings and to sort out some work in the Westminster office. Making the changeover from the Bakerloo line to the Jubilee line at Baker Street I ended up in the same carriage as none other than Sir Anthony ('people are just jealous of my house') Steen, the MP for the time being for Totnes.

The carriage is almost empty. Someone sits down opposite him, and opens up his copy of the Standard bearing the front page splash "Tory MP bleats: now we're living on rations".

Sir Anthony clocks it, does a double-take, whips out his reading glasses, and blatantly leans over to get a proper gander at the other guy's paper. If I'd been quicker off the mark, that would have been a priceless photo.