Tuesday, 18 August 2009

In which I realise I'm stuck with Twitter tsar...

As people might imagine the past 24 hours or so have been pretty hectic, with lots of media and trying to keep up with people contacting me on Twitter about the new role. I have two problems doing the broadcast media - one is trying to remember my official job title - it's New Media Campaigns Spokesperson - and the second is trying desperately hard not to convert every word beginning with t into a tw. Very nearly said 'twelevision' on Radio Humberside earlier. Before we know everyone will be at it, and in years to come students of ancient English as she was spoke will spend many a twutorial discussing how the t- fell into disuse in all but the most neanderthal, Twitter-resistant parts of the country, like Witney. (Which I very nearly just called Twitney).

Anyway, because I've been speaking about it all day, in between doing the day job, I really don't have the energy to blog about it too. If you're interested have a read of the original LabourList 'launch' interview, and this, for a local news website, Bristol 24/7. And there's also this interview from a few weeks ago.


Geoffcobra said...

No need to worry about time to blog. But why not ask your followers some questions. How are they improving social media use within their work force?

Karl Havard said...

Kerry, Are you 100% sure the Twitter Tzar is a responsibility you want or need even? Having been professionally involved in behaviour and communication via the web for too many years to mention; and in recent years engagement via the social web, effective communication via this medium is not easy. You'll no doubt be aware of so many commercial brands putting their "foot in it" and tarnishing their brand in seconds from a single misplaced or badly written tweet. That said, and this is a personal opinion, you are working with a brand that is tarnished in many quarters already.

The country is watching with anticipation and no doubt you will be acutely aware of all the baying hounds ready and waiting to make the most of the comments you and the Government make and how accessible you genuinely make yourself to the general public. This blog is a great example of this, and I hope this comment makes it past your censorship.

I think you have a massive task ahead and an Obama benchmark to live up to. If I could offer any advice (based upon experience in the commercial sector) it would be to have a well thought through strategy; know exactly what you stand for (that could be a tough one); proactively manage all channels and ensure you genuinely engage with people and not just broadcast messages. Solicit feedback and apply it where it makes sense to, and monitor the whole thing on a 24 by 7 basis. This may help.

Good luck, you'll need it, and I expect you'll be featured on "Mock the Week" and "Have I got News for You" on a regular basis.

Nigel Legg said...

Kerry, as far as I can see you've got your work cut out for you in the up-coming election campaign. I hope that you and the party have a strategy for taking on the right honorable opposition on twitter, facebook, and all other social media fronts, and have a solid monitoring and rebuttal system in place