Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Feminazis on the march

Ellie, over on her Stilettoed Socialist blog, has dealt admirably with the latest story in the Harriet Harman 'raving feminist takeover of Government' saga. Shaping up to be the new Sadie, although the old Sadie is still in very fine form and has also taken the Mail to task in her usual inimitable style. (Can I say 'inimitable' if I've just said Ellie is the new Sadie?)

I'll only add one comment... unless there are plans to segregate the classroom into 'bad boys' and 'good girls' whilst these lessons are taking place, then it's obviously not just boys who are being taught about domestic violence, it's all the kids. And then that kind of renders the rest of the story ridiculous, doesn't it?


David Love said...

My daughter's two and although we (obviously) teach her not to hit other kids (or parents, or animals) I'd be very happy for her Playgroup to emphasise it also. More or less expect it to really.

Miller 2.0 said...

Yep, it's slow news at the moment....

Kerry said...

That's slightly unfair. We did have the BBC news website leading with the revelation that David Cameron would not have a cat if he moved into 10 Downing Street.

Bevanite said...

David L, how refreshing!
I just don't see how that kind of message can be given too early, or indeed too often?

masked deliberator said...

I think what is more pressing is for the children of Daily Mail journalists, to be discouraged from going home to hit their parents in the face every night.

asfhiuh said...

The Daily mail concern appears to be that schools are going to brainwash out kids into feminist man hating and lie to them about domestic violence. I.e. pretending domestic violence is a gender issue with men as perpetrators and women almost always the vcitims. In reality fact the Uk crime surveys repeatedly show a 60 / 40 split, with almost exactly the same number of men and women victims of severe force by their partner in the least year.

I noticed Kerry ahs done some investigaitng into otehr Daily Mail stories - perhasp she could find out whether these domestic violence lessons are going to be honest, accurate and gender neutral, or whether the government wants teachers to lie to children on purpose.

I very much suspect at eh very least man hating feminist groups such as Women's Aid will get to contribute most of the material here are a few things they like to do:

-Kicking boys out of shelters on their 13th birthday thus forcing them into care.
-Belittle male victims by going out of their way to quote a survey with a sample size of 20 to somehow prove that most men claiming to be domestic violence victims are lying (whilst totally ignorning the large number of women who make false claims of abuse)

I've already seen Women's Aid's videos they aim at children titled "what is domestic violence". In total 10 examples are pictured, and every single one features women as the victim and a man as the abuser. Not even a solitary token male victim anywhere.

they even have poster defining what a domestic violence shelter is, stating that the are places for "women and children" to be safe, i.e. pretending the very few shelter out there for men still don't' actually exist and should not do so.

I really hope we don't let such extremist organisations anywhere near schools