Monday, 10 August 2009

Bristolians: 'We're lazy!"

New survey out says that Bristol is one of the laziest cities in the UK. But a quick glance suggests that this is on the basis of self-certification. Can I suggest that Bristolians aren't actually any lazier than their comrades in places like Manchester, Cardiff and Newcastle; they just feel more guilty about it? Bristol is after all, the sort of place where cyclists insist that the mountains are just molehills and make us feel bad that we can't quite face the trek up to St George on a bike. (Or is that just me?)
The league table seems to be based on people who feel they don't get enough exercise, which could range from people who barely move from the sofa of an evening, to people who cycle to work every day but only make it to the gym twice a week.
Also interesting to see that in true summer survey style, 'no energy for sex' makes it into the headline but doesn't seem to be backed up anywhere in the text. I cannot of course comment on my constituents' activities in this area, although my (rather noisy) neighbours don't seem to have a problem!

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