Thursday, 16 July 2009

Will you be having a Big Lunch this Sunday?

There are Big Lunches taking place across the country this coming Sunday - have a look at for more details. Basically the idea is to get people together for a picnic, a street party, a lunch - so they can get to know each other, have a good time and eat some good food too! Anyone can turn up, armed with a contribution to the lunch, with the emphasis being on locally grown and produced food and drink. Bring the kids, bring some food, bring some musical instruments - and pray for sunshine!

PS Have amended this post because I've now found out the event planned for Paintworks in Bristol has been pulled, for financial reasons, which is a shame.

And yet another PS - but I've now found out that there will be a Big Lunch event in Bristol at the Tobacco Factory, so you can all pile down there instead.

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