Friday, 24 July 2009

Spot the trend

Just been Tweeting with Councillor Sean Beynon re Bristol City Council's new recycling advice scheme. The wards chosen for this pilot are as follows: Henleaze, Horfield, St George, Eastville, Bishopston, Ashley, Frome Vale and Lockleaze. Now I wonder why these wards were chosen? Do we have statistics to show that they would benefit most from such an exercise being carried out in their midst? Jon, can you enlighten us?

(Frome Vale is of course the red herring designed to throw people off the scent - if a herring can perform such a task!)


Jon Rogers said...

Officers chose pilots. I'll ask what criteria they used. Jon

Jon Rogers said...

The officer I asked to respond has passed to another officer for a reply.

I hope to get a response by Wednesday. In keeping with my comments in another thread, if no reply by then please chase me!


SarahWestcotes said...

We've just done a Recycling survey in Leicester to be able to target advice more effectively and got ripped apart by the media for spying on people!

Jon Rogers said...

As promised on Friday afternoon, I have had the following response this morning.

"The areas chosen for the compostable liner and canvassing campaign were based on low to medium performing food waste and cardboard collection rounds.

"Low to medium performing rounds produce up to 144 kilograms / household / year compared to high performing rounds that produce up to 304 kilograms / household / year.

"The majority of low performing rounds are on Monday and Tuesday collection days which fall in the wards mentioned below. The rounds have between 2000 - 3000 households in them and they are not based on wards.

"The results of the campaign will be analysed to help plan for future recycling campaigns in the city."

I have heard that Labour used to choose wards on some spurious idea of political advantage, but the Lib Dems do not engage in such notions - for a start we have seen how successful Labour have been with their policy, so copying them on this, as in so many other areas, would be foolhardy.


Kerry said...

Were they the eight lowest performing? Are there stats available to show the respective performance of all the rounds - would be interesting to see just how great the disparity is.

Jon Rogers said...

As twittered - I will ask.

dreamingspire said...

A herring in the wrong bin might will signal the very failure being searched for...

Jon Rogers said...

Hi Kerry

I have emailed you and Sean the latest officer email, complete with spreadsheet explaining their reason for choosing the rounds that they have.

Not sure how I can succinctly summarise, or display the spreadsheet here, so I will leave to your good offices!

Happy to email others on request.