Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sarah the stealth missile

Media commentators are suddenly falling over themselves to analyse what Sarah Brown is up to, with her increased public profile, her campaign work for the White Ribbon Alliance ( and of course her Twittering about issues such as refusing to eat veal at the G8, having fun at Gay Pride and watching The End of the Line.

Some are talking of a rebranding exercise, others are suggesting that she's being used by No. 10 as 'a stealth missile', others that she is positioning herself for life after No. 10, and a job in the charity sector.

I suspect the truth may be rather less complex than the number of column inches suggest. Firstly she's probably just got more used to being the Prime Minister's wife with all that goes with it, and feels more comfortable striking out on her own. But also - she's got two boys, one aged 5 and one who's just turned 3. She's simply doing what many mothers do as their kids get a little bit older, i.e. getting her life back!


Man in the Street said...

Maybe Mandy has told her nobody neither cares about nor listens to Gordon any more and Sarah is their only hope.

I understood Gordon wouldn't be marching on Gay Pride because of the security implications. Nice one Gordon, send your wife instead!

Kerry said...

I love the inherent misogyny in the idea that Gordon sent her... I think you might find she made up her little mind to go all by herself without any help from hubby. Women do sometimes do that, you know!

Man in the Street said...

I note you didn't take exception to anything in the first paragraph.

Kerry said...

Let's just take it as read that I take exception to everything you say.

BTW - I think you should give the comments a rest for a while. You've obviously got nothing intelligent or interesting to say.