Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stalinists and socialists in the Tory ranks!

"We all know that the expenses crisis is a massive problem, but it has brought out clear evidence of what all of us had sensed and feared, namely that the party in parliament has ceased to be a team effort and is now just run and dictated to for the personal advantage of David Cameron and George Osborne. We are concerned that the parliamentary party is just being used and abused by the leader and his inner circle. They are treating the party as if it is their private property. Action is being taken to respond to the expenses scandal but its main purpose actually seems to be to build up a position for themselves of permanent power. Colleagues are threatened with expulsion, older members are being forced out, untested candidates are being invited to apply from nowhere, and all of it is designed to assert a Stalinist hold over the party. The importance of parliament is being sacrificed to help them." So say some anonymous Tory MPs...

Meanwhile, Nadine Dorries is up in arms at the prospect of John Bercow becoming Speaker because his wife is, whisper it.. a socialist! In fact she seems to be suggesting that he is on his third. "John Bercow’s wife is reported to be a socialist. Does this matter? I think it does, a great deal. The position has been held by socialists twice already."


Anonymous said...

On the first quote, you'd expect the Tory backbenchers to object to Cameron and Osborne - they're trying to make the Tory party look more centrist than it really is.

As for Nadine Dorries, I can't think of a less intelligent or more spiteful MP. Let me know if you can think of one.

Bevanite said...

Petespolitics she may, may, even be worse than James Purnell. Yep I think so. At least he was intelligent. Both pure unadulterated evil, though. And both spiteful Tories.