Thursday, 25 June 2009

David Cameron - time to leave his schooldays behind?

Apparently David Cameron, speaking today at Imperial College, London, has called the BNP 'retarded racists'. I thought it had more or less become accepted these days that we don't use the r-word? Not racist, obviously, he can call them racist all he likes, but isn't retarded/retard the language of the playground?

Cameron has shown similarly poor judgment on a number of occasions recently. Not only did he get pulled up for impersonating a Nazi, but - more seriously - he also told a rather crass joke about Beachy Head, which went something along the lines of, if you were on the top of Beachy Head with a Labour activist and a Liberal Democrat, who would you throw off first? The answer being Labour, 'business before pleasure'. The problem being not that we've heard it, or a variation on it, many times before, but that the joke was delivered within days of a young couple throwing themselves off Beachy Head with the body of their severely disabled child, who had just died of meningitis. I would have thought Cameron, of all people, might have realised how crass and insensitive it was to be making jocular references to Beachy Head at such a time.

If he wants people to take him seriously as a possible future Prime Minister, he needs to grow up a bit.

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beness said...

Call names and battle semantics all you like, whose running the country whilst you play your playground games?

If He used words you find offensive then fine, Ask him don't start trying to make political games on the use of words. This country needs actions.