Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Women deliver

Sarah Brown has written an article on maternal health for the Huffington Post (very good US political website). A good piece, and I would say more but got to get down into Chamber soon.

Eric Joyce made a very good contribution on maternal mortality in an adjournment debate on the DRC recently. He'd asked me about it beforehand, said he was worried it might seem a bit 'girlie' (and I can quote him on that because he told me afterwards he'd meant to mention it in his speech but ended up departing from his notes). I told him it wasn't girlie at all and in fact it would be a v. good thing if more male MPs took an interest in the topic. After all, for every mother giving birth, there's a man involved somewhere along the line. (Get the feeling I've said this before - but in a bit of a rush, want to catch the end of Stephen Timms' winding-up speech).

But that conversation and Sarah's article have made me think; maybe it's about time a woman MP made the case for a father's role in the family and bringing up children? I sense another adjournment debate coming on...


Remember Remember said...

Yes. We are more than just wallets with legs, you know.

Bevanite said...

heard an interesting take on "women's issues" (education =women's issue. how?) on BBC Radio Bristol this morn, however the presenter seemed to miss some of the point of what the clever guest said.

Also was at a 'Women In Recession' talk this afternoon with Ms Harman, who gave a great speech, talking about the vast majority of 'household management' falling to women. This should change, and could do with debate. Someone from the Fawcett society raised the issue of paternal leave and how the govt. have backtracked on their promise(not sure of the detail) of making parental leave 'shareable' between mothers and fathers. Tough economic times, and something about small businesses given as reasons for backtrack.

Maybe it should have been included somewhere in the Equality Bill?

Andy21 said...

This is very off-topic Kerry but what did you think of the shocking show by the Conservatives back benchers at yesterdays PMQ's? Hardly any question on policy but lots of questions trying to take the mick out of Brown!