Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Still here...

Still here... had a couple of votes, and although the vast majority of Tories have clearly gone home, their junior frontbencher Greg Hands has obviously been told he's got to keep things going. It's not about winning any votes, or even making any coherent political argument, it's just about wearing us all into the ground, just because they can and possibly also so that at PMQs tomorrow a relatively bright and breezy bunch of Tory MPs will be facing a completely knackered Labour crew. There goes the division bell again.


Bristol Dave said...

It's gets to the stage where I don't enjoy PMQs any more. I honestly, truly cannot remember a time that Gordon answered a question properly without referring to the over-used line of the Tories doing nothing, or talking about measures they've introduced which the Tories didn't support (when in fact the they supported the theory just not the implementation, etc).

David Cameron has missed a lot of opportunities to tear Gordon to pieces, which is annoying. However, you can see him getting frustated at the PM's ridiculous pre-formatted answers (which don't actually answer anything) which at least puts him on some kind of a level with the average viewer.

A lot of time seems to be wasted with simpering planted qustions from Labour MPs, which we could frankly do without.

However, Nick Clegg is by far the most annoying, shouting at Gordon with some kind of fake mustered-up rage in order to make a name for himself, it's pathetic.

Dave H said...

Contains the quote:

“Everything about yesterday's PMQs was subdued.”

Nothing you read in the Mail is true: that was the least subdued jacket in the world. If you look at the photo for more than a few seconds it starts burning into your retina.

When you look away, a little blue afterimage of Kerry is superimposed on everything you look at.

Kerry said...

I wasn't wearing a jacket at PMQs.

Dave H said...

So either it wasn't you or the Mail used an archive picture.

Kerry said...

I was wearing a navy/white dress and a red cardi. If it was blue it might have been my cobalt blue cardigan but haven't worn that for weeks, because it is supposedly summer now.

Dave H said...

You evidently didn’t follow the link (can’t say I blame you –it is the Mail)

There is a photo accompanying the PMQs story. The first thing to catch one’s (my) eye is a very bright red jacket on a female MP sitting behind the PM, it certainly could be you.

Trouble is, I don’t know how old the picture is. At first I thought it was contemporaneous with the piece, certainly nothing suggests otherwise, though in reality I wonder if the Mail really do trouble themselves to get an update each time or the exactitude to caption an old one “photo: archive”.

“If it was blue...”

A tedious technical point: the afterimage is blue when you’ve been looking at red, and vice versa. For vaguely similar reasons overhead skies are blue and sunsets red.

(Together with the earlier waffle, more than enough for one day.)