Saturday, 16 May 2009

Human (2)

Just over a month ago I posted an explanation as to why I had been out of circulation for a few days (Human). Reluctant as I was to talk about personal matters, I felt I had to do so to justify my online absence around the time of the so-called McBride affair. This is obviously not a good time to go offline again, but someone very close to me had a heart attack Thursday morning and I have spent most of the past 48 hours at Harefield Hospital. (This is not the person mentioned in the 'Human' post, who is currently having chemo and will be operated on soon.)

So... that's why I haven't yet been able to publish my expenses, because all the paperwork is in Westminster and I haven't been there since Wednesday night. And it's why I won't be at the Hope Not Hate campaign day in St George tomorrow, with Billy Bragg (see Hope Not Hate on Facebook for details). All Government Ministers have been told by Gordon Brown that they must be ready to publish their expenses by close of play on Monday. I hope to be able to do so too, personal circumstances permitting.

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