Friday, 10 April 2009

The wrong child

Johann Hari has just restored my faith in human nature, with this piece in the Independent, after Jan Moir lived up to the Daily Mail's usual standards.

I appreciate this was lazy blogging on my part, and was going to say more about the incident in Doncaster, but Cllr Tim has now said it for me. Have just discovered his blog, and it's excellent.


Anonymous said...

Both journalists appear to have written the same article.
You might want to change one of the links.

timbone said...

Daily Mail link took me to the Independant again.

Kerry said...


Roger Thornhill said...

Both write the truth, but only part of it IMHO.

One points the finger and one looks to resolve it (Hari), but Hari is only looking at the aftershocks. Kids do need to be fixed, yes (and I agree about much of it being to do with impulse control), but better remove the incentives and environment that causes it, that perpetuates it.

The cause is almost certainly the welfare state and the wilful destruction of an existing society by the Left and Fabians. People had boundaries removed and consequences swept aside with nothing concrete in its place. The baby was thrown out (into the dumpster?) with the bathwater. Society should evolve and the past had many wrongs and constraints, but you kick away the supports with just ideological hot air to replace it and things begin to collapse.